Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet: No-Bot, The Robot’s New Bottom

Illustrated by the authors

Published by Simon and Schuster, 2020

This is the second story about Bernard the robot by UK authors and artists Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, and once again Bernard is having trouble with his bottom!

It’s a simple, fun and colourful story about friends helping a friend who is in a fix. On the way to the park, Bernard’s bottom starts throwing out sparks and smoke. It’s also making funny noises and might just explode! Monkey, Bear, Bird and Dog all try to find a replacement bottom for poor Bernard, the robot with no-bot.

The bottom they are all looking for needs to be red and small, not too soft and not too hard, not too big and not too smelly. Along the way, Bernard’s friends come up with some silly and inventive suggestions but in the end it’s Bear who saves the day.

This is a fun, light, read aloud story with two very attractive elements…robots and bottoms, which is sure to appeal to almost every pre-schooler! Below are more suggestions for picture books that delve into the fascinating world of bottoms, bums, tushes and poo:

No-Bot: the Robot with No Bottom! by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet

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